Private Team Training

Professional instruction for your team!


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Our instructors are available to come to your team practice.

Team sessions will be instructed by a Senior Torjager Instructor


We can work on Checking, Powerskating, Shooting, Passing, Stickhandling, Scoring or anything that you may request.



We will send a Senior Torjager instructor(s) to your team practice.



Pricing is based on session being within Calgary city limits.



Single Session


Cost: $200.00 + GST


Additional Instructor Add: $100.00 + GST


With Goalie Instructor: $275.00 + GST


3 - 5 Sessions


Cost: $175.00 + GST / session


Additional Instructor Add: $100.00 + GST


With Goalie Instructor: $250.00 + GST / session


Goalie Sessions


Contact Torjager Hockey for further information.


How to Book

Torjager Hockey Ltd


For all inquiries:

Email Wade Davis

Phone (403) 698-1751



Power Skating

Torjager Private Training


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