About Us

Torjager Hockey began as a small one week hockey camp in NW Calgary. It grew slowly the first couple years then took off with its unique half day camps and proficiency for details. Later, with the addition of the private training sessions and work with various associations, it then began to grow rapidly. We now run camps, private training and teams sessions all over Calgary and many of the surrounding cities. We work with various hockey associations all over Alberta, Montana, The Yukon, NWT, Nova Scotia and Internationally. We work with Argentina's Men's and Women's National Hockey teams and help out with their Inline Hockey teams. We have also trained members of Canada's National Women's Hockey team.


Meaning of Torjager

Pronunciation - 'tOr-yager'


Etymology - Germanic


Definition - GOAL HUNTER


Torjager Philosophy

Skill Development in 3 Steps:

  • Being shown how to perform the skill.
  • Performing the skill while being corrected through proper feedback.
  • Practicing the skill.

When these steps are executed in a positive learning environment, players improve. This formula is used from Novice all the way to Midget, the only thing that changes is the skills that are being learned.