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Torjager Hockey is holding our private shooting lessons at World Pro Goaltending.


The shooting sessions will be instructed by Wade Davis.


Players will develop shooting power, accuracy, quick release and will train themselves to shoot for the holes. Players will be advised on stick length, lie, curve and grip and will be given a training program to accelerate their development. Shooting technique is very complex and all parts from 1-10 will be covered to help players understand what they are doing and to improve all aspects of shooting. Video will be used during some of the sessions to help aide in the learning and teaching of shooting.


Players will improve:


  • Confidence
  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Release
  • Technique


Sessions are 1 hour long and train max of 5 shooters of various ages and abilities.


Sessions are located at World Pro Goaltending


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• 1 session....$105.00 GST Included

• 3 sessions …$285.00 GST Included


Shooting sessions at World Pro Goaltending are available Sundays from 12:30 - 3:30pm.


How to Book

Torjager Hockey Ltd


Please contact the office
Tel. (403) 698-1751



Sessions are located at the World Pro Goaltending.


Cancellation policy is 48 hours for all sessions. Failure to notify will result in a cancellation fee


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